Mother Daughter Journey – Spring

A journey for mothers and daughters at the Tortworth Forest Centre. Join Leona and Bec on a journey designed to bring you closer together. * Foraging * Woodland Craft * Nature Connection * Wild Seasonal Food * Bec and Leona will bring their respective skills and experience to a unique woodland series, the Mother Daughter […]

Woodland Women – Spring Equinox

Please note you do not need to create a login to book tickets – simply click on Buy Now. Please choose the ticket that you feel is right for your income, including our Wellbeing tickets for those who would otherwise not be able to attend. For full details visit our Woodland Women page.

Woodland Women – Fire by Friction

Begin your year with a celebration of fire.  We have a very special day lined up for you this January. We welcome a new and accomplished teacher to our team, who will lead us through our annual fire lighting session with her passion for fire by friction.  After a morning learning the basics of fire […]

Native Trees – Birch

The birch tree. The first tree on our course is, appropriately, a pioneer species. Birch trees have an incredible ability to reclaim spaces and return them to woodland. They grow on poor soil and turn it into a rich woodland ecosystem. The rest of our native trees follow. It makes sense to begin with the […]