My mission is to help people connect with nature to improve their physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

I want to balance offering affordable experiences with paying our amazing staff a living wage, and so I work a sliding scale for most of my events depending on your income.

However I know that sometimes we need to make a little more effort to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to the woodland and so I want to offer bursaries for event tickets, camping equipment and transport costs to those who would benefit.

Individuals who would like to access a bursary can contact us with details of the event they would like to join and what they can afford of the ticket price.

You can help me to provide more of these reduced price and free places by .

Donations are made to HoneyWoods Wellbeing in Nature CIC, a Not for Profit sister company set up to receive grants and donations, and to run our projects for mental health such as The Mayflower Project.

Ways to donate

You can donate via paypal.


Click on the paypal button and donate online, you do not need a paypal account to donate in this way.