Creating herbal balms, creams, and tonics for my own health and wellbeing has been an important part of my resilience these past few weeks.

If these tokens of self-care and sunshine can be of help to you, I am pleased to be able to offer them to you.

All ingredients are either foraged in the wild, picked from our farm or grown by me, unless stated. There are some herbs I have not been able to source wild because they are out of season or I am unable to access the places they grow, and essential oils which I am not able to make myself.

Postage will be second class to keep costs down. To combine postage for several items make sure you add everything from this page and then go to checkout.

Each item will come with a description of the balm and its ingredients, where they came from and any restrictions to its use.

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Please consult your GP if you have persistent issues, these are not designed to replace medical care and are not sold as medicines.

Please note that unless stated, these products are not suitable for vegans as they contain beeswax.

Witch’s sleep balm

I have used the beautiful bright aromatic rosemary and dandelion base to create a snoozy dreamy sleep balm. Lavender essential oil will support your body’s natural wind down at the end of the day and we have added in the warrior strength of infused yarrow and the power of mugwort tincture from the farm. Available in 15ml jars.

Mugwort is a special plant that grows on the waysides and helps us with our journeys. She is Artemesia, related to wormwood, and she is used for protection and believed to help individuals with psychic powers to access them. She is associated with dreaming, and is said to support lucid dreaming. A pillow full of silvery leaved mugwort is said to ward off nightmares, and it was worn to protect people from evil. We cannot guarantee that this balm will save you from evil but it will help you to find some calm and dreamy quality before you sleep.

Yarrow is a strong and sweet-smelling herb found all over our farm in the summer, and her feathery leaves are already appearing in the grasses. She has many medicinal qualities including regulating blood flow, she is antiseptic and supports digestive health, and is used for female reproductive health, as well as for headaches and fevers.

Both mugwort and yarrow are not suitable for people who are pregnant or trying to conceive but are superb for period pain relief, and regulating blood flow. Witch’s balm is not suitable for people allergic to aspirin.

Spring Ointment

This spring ointment is a combination of the plants that grow easily around me in our field, and essential oils of orange sweet and English rose.

The foraged herbs are self-heal, calendula and daisies, which combine to a powerful aid for bruised or damaged skin. All three are joyful plants that are safe to use on all skin types.

I added cacao butter and beeswax to create an ointment feel – this should rub in fairly easily but will need to be kept in a cool place.

For reference, these are some of the previous remedies that we have had available.

Herbal face cream

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This face cream is made with 100% vegan ingredients. All herbs were foraged from our farm, and remaining ingredients contain no nasty chemicals.

This face cream is designed to be moisturising and calming, without being too oily.

I started with almond oil infused with nettles, comfrey and lemon balm all collected in the sunshine. I chose herbs abundant at this time of year – nettles and comfrey are skin healing and cleansing.

I added a herbal tea infusion with willow, lemon balm and guelder rose, and added my homemade spring tincture of dandelion flowers, lime flowers, ribwort plantain, nettles, and ground ivy. The tincture is full of herbs to help cleanse, invigorate and cool the skin.

Also contains vegetable glycerine, eco preservative, cocoa butter, vegan emulsifier, and lavender and frankincense essential oils.

Not suitable for people allergic to aspirin.

Nourishing Hand Balm

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This nourishing and restorative balm is made with a base of nettles and musk mallow in almond oil, both foraged from the farm. They share skin healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and I have added the antiseptic qualities of douglas fir resin from Exmoor and essential oils of birch, clary sage, tea tree, lavender and orange sweet. The essential oil content is low so that your hands do not smell too floral when you are working. The main smell is the rich earthiness of the nettles.

I added coconut oil and beeswax to create an ointment feel – this should rub in fairly easily but will need to be kept in a cool place. 60ml pots will last you a while.

Comfrey skin salve

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Cuts, bruises, raw skin, keep your overwashed hands safe with comfrey, sage, and plantain from our farm. These herbs are well known for their abilities to heal skin. I have added in dandelion petals from the farm for their calming effect on skin conditions. The herb infused organic almond oil is heated and mixed with beeswax and available in 30ml pots.

Warming muscle rub

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My muscle rub is a daily relief for me when working in the woods or on the farm. It smells divine, earthy and warming. I have used an infused oil with meadowsweet from Exmoor, juniper berries I purchased online, douglas fir resin from the edge of Exmoor, and birch sweet essential oil. I have added in dandelion petals from the farm for their calming effect on skin conditions. The oil is heated and mixed with beeswax and available in 30ml pots.

Not suitable for people allergic to aspirin.