At HoneyWoods we aim to create meaningful human connection in nature.

HoneyWoods has at its heart the desire to connect people with the nature around us; for their own wellbeing, as well as to foster a sense of responsibility for nature. What you love, you will fight to preserve.

HoneyWoods Camping is about taking stock of your surroundings, feeling a part of it even if just for a short time and contributing to the experience, rather than being a spectator.

HoneyWoods believes in Treading Lightly. We focus on sustainability, collaboration and quality, re-learning what we have forgotten about our culture and folklore, in order to foster a respect and love for our countryside.

HoneyWoods believes that small is beautiful.

HoneyWoods believes in Family; no matter what shape or size or however unconventional, family is at the core of who we are and what sustains us.

HoneyWoods Camping is about Community; everyone present has a part to play, a gift for the group.

HoneyWoods will always use local, freelance, fledgling businesses, encouraging entrepreneurs and individuals with a passion for their trade – be it foraging, cooking, brewing, storytelling or cheese making!

HoneyWoods is driven by these values rather than profit.

HoneyWoods would not be possible without some extraordinary people and we are eternally grateful to each and every person who has encouraged and supported these ideas into existence. Thank you.