This Friday we see the Wolf Moon, the first full moon of 2020. Winter full moons are usually much brighter than in the summer, lighting up the barren land and helping the night time hunters through the hedgerows. The foxes pick their way through stubbly fields to find their meal, crying out for their mate, reminiscent of the wolves that once would have shared our countryside, while the dormice sleep in their nests deep within the hedgerow.

There is life in the hedgerows even in winter. Ivy berries turn dark and ripe and the birds feast on them greedily. We have blue tits on our farm, and two nosy robins, and the wren seems to be the bravest when it comes to leaving the hedgerows for our bird feeders. The hazel catkins are starting to get longer, with their almost invisible red flowers about to bloom. Lesser celandine are on their way, a bright flush of yellow in deep midwinter. And the snowdrops are already showing their crisp whites on the woodland floor.

All the revelry and excited intentions of New Year seem too early to me. I feel like spring is the new year. It is tantalisingly around the corner but we are still in hibernation season. We should still be resting, making plans for longer days from beside the fire.

Speaking of fire. We have an amazing woman coming to teach us fire at this monthโ€™s Woodland Women. She is a true woman of nature and will bring us her knowledge of the most ancient art of fire by friction. It should be a real treat. Join us for a day of connection, relaxation, mindfulness and peace this January with Woodland Women.