Hello lovely wild women!

We have a quick update for you about two people coming along to offer us therapies.

Helen will be offering a range of therapies, and says:

As a therapist I believe that I am a catalyst to kick-start your own body’s natural healing process. An optimum state of deep relaxation is created using many techniques such as reflexology, Swedish full body, warm bamboo massage, Indian head massage, bellabaci (cupping), and ear candling. One or all of these techniques are combined in an intuitive and comprehensive treatment creating a richer sense of well-being and restoring your natural balance.

Reflexology – Classical, precision, VRT (vertical reflexology), RLD (reflexology lymph drainage)

Is a non-invasive treatment that works in a holistic way – i.e. looking at the body as whole. Helen stimulates certain reflex points on your feet, hands or ears that correlate to parts of your body via the nervous system. Stimulating the neural pathway connections throughout your body from the feet, bringing balance and calm.

It’s great for relaxation, treatment of injuries and for encouraging your body to function better as a whole.

Stress relief
Pain Management
Hormonal conditions

Ear candling

Is an extremely relaxing, gentle and soothing treatment. Helen creates a safe, comfortable environment, then holds the hollow paper candle safely and carefully at the entrance to your ear canal. Once lit, a vacuum effect brings air in through the sinus area and cleanses the passages behind the nose. The mild heat also warms your inner ear thus softening the ear wax which allows for easy removal of any build up. During this process, you may hear some crackling and feel some gentle heat – this is perfectly normal. There is also an aromatherapeutic benefit to you from herbs in the candle. Ear candles can treat:

Excess inner ear pressure from flying, swimming or scuba diving
Lack of pressure regulation due to sinusitis, rhinitis, colds, flu, headaches, migraines and glue ear.


The Swedish Massage

An all in one body revitaliser with long smooth strokes that flow from tip to toe relaxing your body and mind. Many techniques such as effleurage (long strokes) tapotement (light tapping) kneading (use of the hands in a kneading motion) and hacking (percussion with the sides of the hand) are used within this treatment.

All of these increase your blood circulation and flow back to the heart, slowing your respiration down and thus aiding the relaxation further. All of this creates a time for you to drift off from the busy world around you.

Increases energy levels
Relaxes mind and body
Decreases stress levels

The Warmer Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage incorporates varying lengths of smooth bamboo sticks which are heated. Helen will then apply oil onto the body in the same way as other forms of massage. Warm Bamboo Massage is very similar to Swedish Full Body Massage with its long strokes, however with the bamboo working as an extension of Helen’s hands it can enable much deeper work in stretching out the muscles as they are warmed.

Main areas of your body that Warm Bamboo really aids tension release in are the neck, shoulders, and TI band (Iliotibal Tract – outside of the thigh). It is particularly effective for athletes, those with physical professions or bodies with specific areas of tension as well as being a warming treat if you just want a bit of luxury. It is especially effective for:

Chronic aches and pains
Tight neck and shoulders
Back pain

The Detox Massage

Bellabaci could be considered a modern version of the ancient Chinese ‘cupping’ technique. The silicon Bellabaci cups are a very unique way of massaging as they create an upward pressure rather than downward as with most other massage styles. Once attached, the cups can be moved around by Helen to massage an area of the body or left on specific points allowing the use of other simultaneous techniques.

Working this deeply means Helen can bring fresh blood and nutrients to the blood vessels at the surface. It increases lymph drainage which in turn aids the process of evacuating toxins from your body. It also helps alleviate tense, deep-seated knots which have been in your muscle tissue for long periods of time. Bellabaci can treat a whole host of ailments including:

Tight knotted shoulders
Body stiffness
Muscle spasms
Migraines and headaches
Fluid retention
Scar tissue
Stretch marks

Sessions cost £20 for 30 mins and £35 for an hour.