Ethnobotany, heritage crafts, woodland skills

Our courses are designed to connect people with nature and improve mental and physical health and wellbeing, as well as provide training and career development for practitioners in the nature connection, forest school, and ecotherapy professions. 

Healthy, enjoyable learning

Forest school, bushcraft, and woodland crafts offer opportunities for hands-on learning and creating in the most inspiring classroom there is: the great outdoors.

Guided by expert teachers and activity leaders, participants learn traditional, practical skills that raise confidence, resilience, and self-sufficiency; find out about plants and animals and how we relate to them; surprise themselves with what they can do; express their creativity; share experiences, and make new friends. Many of our courses are also suitable for those wishing to expand their nature connection practices and skills in order to share them with their own woodland groups and settings.

Adults can discover, explore, move and make things in a beautiful, natural setting with plenty of space, lots of fresh air, and a focus on sustainability and community.

Experienced and trustworthy

All our staff have extensive experience working with children and adults, and especially with vulnerable people. We offer a safe, supportive environment for people to overcome challenges at their own pace.

Most events are led by experienced woodlander, ethnobotanist, and weaver, Bec Briar, with the support of a network of qualified and talented practitioners with a passion for sharing and learning.

Our regular activities include:

Heritage Crafts and Woodland Skills

We run heritage craft workshops from natural dyeing to spinning wool, weaving with willow, tree ID, wild cooking, and whittling.

Woodland Women

Our women’s nature connection days and bushcraft camps at Tortworth Forest Centre. For details visit Woodland Women.

Native Trees

Native Trees, a new course across spring and summer 2023 will introduce you to five of our native trees and invite you to connect with them deeply.

Each day will focus on one tree, starting with its biology as a way to learn about the folklore and crafts that connect us with our landscape. Suitable for recently qualified Forest School Leaders, Ecotherapy practitioners, bushcrafters, and anyone with an interest in our connection to the landscapes we live in. For details visit Native Trees.